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Hot Young Studs Fuck Their Assholes

July 14th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Blowjob | Gay | Teens - (Comments Off)

A couple of sexy young twink studs are in the mood to experiment with each other, and these horny dudes start taking their clothes off and rubbing their dicks.

It makes them so excited that it’s time to suck each other’s dicks and see if that is going to feel right. The more they are doing it the better it feels and these naughty dudes love every second of it.

Watch these salacious guys fucking asses and having the best sex ever.

Teen Gays Enjoy Outdoor Sex

June 27th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Blowjob | Gay | Hardcore | Teens - (Comments Off)

Marc Frederikson and George Basten go out on a picnic and these two hot hunks get extremely excited while sitting on the blanker in the middle of nowhere.

Once they make sure that no one is watching, these two gay teen studs take their clothes off, and start making out.

Sucking dicks makes them so turned on that only couple of minutes later these young dudes fuck each other really hard. Check out these two guys as they bang on the grass really rough.


Big Cock Dick Fucks Dude For The First Time

June 17th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Bareback | Blowjob | Cumshots | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

The young stud is more than eager to make his friend engage into their first gay experience.

Both of them are really horny, so they start taking their clothes off, and touching each other’s firm bodies. The handsome twinks feel the amazing shivers while sucking their cocks.

They enjoy in the sweet pleasures of the blowjob, but they don’t want to stop there. Check out the mind-blowing ass fuck, and watch them load the sperm all over each other’s faces.

Horny Twinks Outdoor Gay Threesome

January 4th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Group Sex | Teens - (Comments Off)

Whoever said that three’s a crowd has never seen what three gorgeous hunks can do together.

Yes, it’s been sometime since I’ve posted anything here but don’t worry for I bring you something that’s definitely worth the wait. How does three hot twinks sound like? Nicolas Corry, Jerry Harris and Garry Farr are camping buddies and every now and then, they take a hike and spend the night in some wilderness somewhere. But it’s not just the great outdoors that these three want – they also want some alone time together where they could enjoy fucking in the big wide open.

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In fact, these three didn’t even wait for the cover of night to start anal fucking and got right down to the business of pleasure. If you are a big fan of wild outdoors sex or even wild gay threesomes, then you’d love this hot share. In the meantime, make sure to see more free gay porn here in Epic Male.

Gay Twinks First Hook Up Sex

December 7th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Cumshots | Hardcore | Teens - (Comments Off)

It’s easy enough to see that these two gay teens are still not that comfortable with each other. They’ve been chatting and exchanging steamy messages online but this is their first time seeing each other. No wonder that they are still a bit awkward with each other and it seems like the only way to break that awkwardness is with a kiss – and amazingly it worked.

I know that I haven’t featured a couple of twinks in a while so I am making it up to you with this one. I know that you’ve had your fill of hot bears, dads and muscle men as I’ve been serving a lot of those lately so I thought that this time, it might be a great idea to have a sweet, young love to feature, so here is one.

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I know that you’ll enjoy the sweet, long loving between these two and that you’d love it even more when you see just how hungry they are for each other. You can check out the rest of their twink sex pics here or head over to Twink Sex HD to watch their full length gay teens movie.

Kinky Gay Teen Playing with Handcuffs

November 24th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Solo | Teens - (Comments Off)

It’s high time for chocolate and I have just the man for you. I found this horny ebony in my collection and he’s definitely worthy to be featured in today’s Epic Male Blog share. Yes, he might be a bit young for my usual taste (and you know how much I love ‘em bears and dads) but I think that this guy really has potential. After all, who else but a kinky, creative guy would think of handcuffing his penis?

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I’m only too happy that this guy is bored and horny or he wouldn’t have been able to think of this kinky feat. I bet that what he wanted was to explore a bit of bdsm and bondage sex but he’s still too afraid to try it out with a partner. So here he is, horny and by himself with a pair of handcuffs to play with. Check out the his hot gay masturbation pics here.

Hot Twinks Nick Lamar and Tony Hansen

October 20th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Teens - (Comments Off)

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You know that I love hot dilfs, right? But every now and then, it’s great to see something different and since I didn’t find anything from my usual muscle men, dilfs and ebonies exciting today, I thought of revisiting my twink porn collection and look at what I found.

Tony Hansen and Nick Lamar are definitely teen cuties and probably the reason why I made sure to save them some space in my hard drive (btw, you should too). This scene starts out with the two of them just hanging out in the backyard, chatting and then doing a couple of sexy poses. I’m just a sucker for stripteasing dudes and seeing all those gorgeous young muscles on display really got me going.

If you are a big fan of young studs, then Nick Lamar and Tony Hansen will definitely interest you. You can find their outdoor gay blowjob scene here.

Masturbating Straight Guy Solo Pics

October 8th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Solo | Teens - (Comments Off)

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I just love our hot straight solo pics. There’s something really good with watching these straight hunks go at it when they think they’re alone, or even better, when they know someone’s watching. They put on a great show just like this hot young man here.

I think that this cutie just got out of the shower. His skin is still a bit damp and with that sexy glow. What I don’t understand though is why he’s carrying a bottle of milk, but the moment he started showering his hot body with it, I quickly got the idea. The moment I saw him dripping with milk, all I could think of is licking every drop of that cream off his sexy body, particularly where it pooled on his dick and balls.

It seems like somebody beat me to it though for the next thing I know, he’s all cleaned up with a raging erection. I so wish I was there to lick it off but in the meantime, it’s enough to see this hottie with a huge boner and the fact that he’s willing to stroke himself until he cums, is an added bonus. If you want, you can check out his pictures here!

Horny Gay Teens in Hot Threesome

October 4th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Group Sex | Hardcore | Teens - (Comments Off)

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I know that this blog is supposed to be for hot muscle hunks but I think that it’s great to have a couple of horny twinks every now and then, right? This is why I think it’s ok to post this share featuring three gorgeous gay teens. These three twinks seem to be in a hurry to fuck for after just a couple of sexy poses, they were getting right into the main action.

This gorgeous teen seems to be one lucky dude for he ended up getting spit roasted. He had a huge cock to suck and another one up his ass. I don’t know if I envy this guy but I’d have to say that he is one lucky dude to be able to hook up with these two other teens. It was even better when his face got a creamy cum shower in the end of this sexy twink photo gallery.

Hot Boys Experimenting Caught in HD

September 24th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Hardcore | Teens - (Comments Off)

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Oh, just look at those eyes? Eyes always get me and well, these teen here just has the sexiest brown eyes I’ve seen in a while.

I know that I don’t feature teens often enough to your liking but here’s one today that I know you’ll definitely love. Two gorgeous boys who are classmates in school head over to one of their houses to do a bit of homework. Well, it seems that homework changed for the way I remember it, it definitely did not include a lot of kissing and making out.

It was real great to watch them go at each other, alternately sucking each other’s dicks before they figure out who gets to be bottom. Well, it seems like this hot teen made it easy enough for them when he himself turned around and bent over to present his ass. After slipping a condom on, this teen is now ready to have his first taste of ass and what a great ass it is.

I really love these hot twinks and though they might be a bit young to be considered in the category of Epic Male but I know for a fact that they’ll be there soon. You can find the rest of the photos here!