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Hot Bareback Gay Creampie

May 23rd, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Bareback | Blowjob | creampie | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

Mauro and Andre are having an illicit affair and the fact that they need to sneak around in order to meet up, makes their sexual experience even more thrilling.

These lustful gay studs don’t waste their time, so they take their clothes off and get down and dirty. They suck and lick each other’s cocks right before they start enjoying in the mind-blowing anal sex.

Check out what kind of sex positions these two guys enjoy in, and observe the hottest gay creampie scene you’ve ever seen.

Sexy Stud in a Hot Bubble Bath

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Guilhermo Soto has an amazing body, and one glance at his perfectly shaped muscles makes you want to eat him alive. This straight guy is well aware of that fact, and he enjoys showing off his hot body to both, boys and girls.

The handsome dude takes his underwear off and displays his impressive python. The sexy guy spreads his legs and shows off just how big his cock is.

He definitely enjoys all the attention, but he would enjoy even more if he would have a hole where he can shove that big dick.

Sexy Studs Loves Warm Jizz

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A couple of horny gays finally get at night together home alone, and these lustful studs don’t want to waste their time. Alexander Senna and Christian Privos start sucking each other’s cock and begin feeling the excitement pumping inside of their chests.

These muscular studs enjoy in a steamy ass licking and fingering session, right before they start with dirty anal sex.

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Gay Couple Loves Bareback Sex

May 15th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Bareback | Blowjob | Gay - (Comments Off)

Luke Cross and Orion Cross are finally home alone, and these two excited gay studs can’t wait to be all over each other. The horny studs start taking their clothes off and sucking each other’s cocks.

A pair of adoring gay lovers derive pleasure from the stimulating ass fucking they give each other and enjoy pleasing their sexual needs again and again.

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Black on Latino Gay Interracial Movie

November 26th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Hardcore | Interracial | Porn Videos - (Comments Off)

Get ready for a hot dose of interracial gay sex is coming your way!

I just love my collection of big black cocks, and I love it even more when these studs are paired off with hot latinos. Just imagine, a big black dick and a sexy latin stud in one movie! I know that you are all craving for a hot black on latino sex movie so I decided to post this one featuring Cuba Santos and Max Sanchez.

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It’s a great thing to watch the difference between these two gorgeous hunks. Cuba Santos is a sexy latino hunk while Max Sanchez is a lean, tattooed black. At first, I wasn’t sure who would be top in this sexy pairing but it seems like Max with his big ebony cock is going to be fucking Cuba. Well, I don’t really care who gets to fuck who as long as I get to watch.

Ebony Muscle Hunk Tapping White Ass

October 6th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Hardcore | Interracial - (Comments Off)

ebony muscle hunkinterracial gay blowjob

If you’ve been following Epic Male Gay Porn blog from the very beginning, then I’m sure that you remember Renzo Mazime here. He was one of the first few hunks I’ve featured here and that first time was with geek cutie Pablo Montejo. This time though, he gets to spend it with skinhead dude Tony Lee.

Tony Lee here is probably having his first big black dick and it’s understandable that he is a bit scared. After all, Renzo here really has a huge package and he’s wondering if he could handle all that. I would be scared too if I was in his place but it seems like Renzo is a good lover and really knows how to ease his monster into Tony’s tight ass. Plus, he knows how to slick up that hole, if you know what I mean.

It’s been some time since I’ve featured a hot black on white porn content so I hope you liked this one. Don’t worry, when I get a new Renzo Mazime share, I’ll post it right away.

Dilf Tom Colt Gets Fresh Creampie

September 21st, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Cumshots | Dilfs | Hardcore - (Comments Off)

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If you ask me whether I’m more into twinks or dads, I probably wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer. I just love how teens are so energetic and enthusiastic with raging erections while I love how dads are so confident because they know just how to give it to you. I realized that I already featured a couple of twinks here and a few old-young anal sex but never two hot dads together. This is why I dug into my collection for today’s Epic Male Gay Porn blog and found this: hot dilfs Tom Colt and Steven Richards in a hot gay creampie sex scene.

Tom Colt is easily my favorite between the two though Steven Richards is no less than this hot muscle hunk. It just happens that I love them covered in tattoos and Tom Colt definitely has a number of sexy tats. After a couple of sexy poses with Steven and Tom here sucking each other off and it seems like these two have already forgotten everything around them and just went right in to fucking each other. These two were so hot for each other, it wasn’t long before Tom Colt here was spreading his legs to let fresh cum drip off his ass.

This was definitely one great ass fuck. I just hope I could have seen a couple more ass rimming in there. But maybe I could hope for Steven licking all that cream up in the next scene. It would be such a waste of fresh, creamy jizz not to, right?

Hot Hunks Outdoor Anal Fucking

September 19th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Hardcore | Interracial | Teens - (Comments Off)

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I just love how fearless these guys are. I mean, isn’t it amazing how they could go all out and fuck in nude daylight? Not that I’m complaining or whatever, it’s just real hot to find two horny guys going at it. Now I wish they lived in my neighborhood.

I did promise to give you more variety last time in my Epic Male blog servings so here I am fulfilling that promise. Matheus Axell is a gorgeous biracial hunk with a bit of asian heritage and the moment I found this gay content featuring him, I knew it would be a big hit. He just looks one mean hunk with that goatee and tattoos on him but when he smiles, he is just simply gorgeous – it’s no wonder that barely legal twink Erick Leony was so attracted to this hunk.

It seems like the attraction is mutual for the moment these two were alone, they went straight into fucking – even though they were in the park. With Matheus guiding Erick’s ass into his cock, it was one smooth fuck that I’m sure wouldn’t end with just one session. I hope I could find more hot shares featuring Matheus here for I will definitely bring you more of this hot asian hunk. I’m still not sure about Erick but if you like him, then I might just find more hot gay porn featuring this hottie.

Luke Cross Serves up a Sperm Chowder

September 16th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Cumshots | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

park wiley anal creampie

Would you look at that? That photo just makes me want to go in and do this sexy stud myself. After all, I don’t mind sloppy seconds.

This gay creampie serving is all thanks to hot cutie Luke Cross. Who would have thought that between Luke Cross and Park Wiley, it would be Park playing bottom? Oh well, guess we really don’t know who’s the dominant one until they end up in bed and this time, Luke shows that he is definitely alpha male material. Not only did he drill Park’s ass bareback, he even told this sexy skinhead to ride his dick like a good slut. When it was time to finally cum, he made a show of pumping deep into Park’s ass and then backing out a little to spray his jizz just at the entrance of Park’s puckered hole, letting a fresh glob of cream drip from Park’s ass.

Just looking at Park’s freshly jizzed up ass makes me want to go at him myself and I bet Luke Cross couldn’t resist the sight as well. I bet round 2 followed soon after and if you want to see the next round, better check back again for I might just have it.

Black on White Interracial Sex Pics

September 16th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Interracial | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

interracial gay blowjobblack on white gay sex

It’s time for some hot chocolate on vanilla!

I’m real happy that I found this hot interracial gay sex photos over at Magnus Muscle for I’ve had a bit of a crush with Pablo Montejo for some time now. Who wouldn’t love this skinny, tatted guy with glasses? Well, I’ve always been partial to guys with glasses and Pablo here is like the perfect geeky sexy guy for me. When he’s paired up with rock hard ebony stud Renzo Mazime, I knew that it was going to be amazing.

Pablo here plays bottom as I doubt gorgeous muscle man Renzo would let him be otherwise. The setup’s just fine with me for it was definitely a big high to see Renzo’s stiff black dick pumping in and out of Pablo’s tight ass. I wish I could have seen him do it bareback though, but well, guess we don’t always get what we want.

So, do I want to see more of Pablo Montejo? Definitely! If you do too, make sure to check back again for I might just have the stuff for you.