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Watch how Paul and Johnny don’t waste any time when it comes to getting fucked and sucking each other’s cocks. Tonight, these two hot gay males are going to make sure that they get as dirty, naughty and sweaty as possible. The moto for this hot gay sex session is “anything goes” so that means these two hot white gay men will use their hands, feet, tongues and cocks to make sure that the floor gets covered in cum by the early hours of the morning.

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These hot European twinks Charles and Aaron met for the first time tonight after exchanging phone number a week ago. Neither of these horny guys thought a night of fucking would happen after a one-time effort to pick up at a bar. Now here they are fucking hardcore like little teenagers with so much energy that the bareback fucking will last all night. Good thing Charles is an athlete who trains most of the day for nights like this with his new fuck buddy Aaron.

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These two horny young teen males Neil and Mark are not wasting any time when it comes to making the most of the night and getting fucked in the ass as much as possible. Look at how Mark is taking the pink dildo in his ass while posing in doggy style position. His ass was just waiting to be penetrating by this vibrating dildo, but Niel needed to be a cock tease. Now, Neil can’t wait to stick his huge throbbing cock inside Mark’s tight little ass.

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Gay Lovers Enjoy Bareback Sex

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When Vince and Jeff get together, they have an unspoken rule to immediately undress and get down to business without saying a single word. The slim hunk goes to his lover’s cock and begins stroking and licking it really hard. The blonde dude gets really excited  that he just has to stab his cock inside of his partner’s ass. He starts drilling him in doggy style and continues fucking him until he feels his sperm rushing through his shaft. That’s when this horny gay hottie places his penis inside of his partner’s mouth and loads his sperm in it.



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epicmale2It always seems to end up about the sex and for Ryan Starr who loves to convert straight guys into gay guys, you can bet that fucking is all that he thinks about. Watch as he takes Jack London back to his room and gives him a mind numbing blow job. These two don’t have much in common, but one thing for sure is that they love to suck some cock. Enjoy as these chiseled men give each other some hot gay pleasures that can’t be compared to any old straight sex.

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Check out Mark and Jeff dudes as they enjoy making out on the sofa. It wasn’t their intention to have sex that day, especially because they recently just met.

When lust and passion take over these two horny dudes start sucking cocks. The long haired dude gets his dick sucked so hard, that he can’t wait to stab it into his lover’s ass.

He fucks that wet ass so hard, that the moment he feels how he is about to cum, the long haired dude takes his dick out and loads his sperm into his partner’s mouth.



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Muscular young stud shows hot body and jerks off in the nature while loving every second of it. This sexy dude has an amazing body with the six pack many men desire.

The best part is that his firm dick is standing straight up and he is always in the mood to fuck, no matter what he is doing. This sensual dude sits on the chair and strokes his penis.

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Sexy Stud in a Hot Bubble Bath

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Guilhermo Soto has an amazing body, and one glance at his perfectly shaped muscles makes you want to eat him alive. This straight guy is well aware of that fact, and he enjoys showing off his hot body to both, boys and girls.

The handsome dude takes his underwear off and displays his impressive python. The sexy guy spreads his legs and shows off just how big his cock is.

He definitely enjoys all the attention, but he would enjoy even more if he would have a hole where he can shove that big dick.

Lenard Lenux Muscled Hunk Free Solo Pics

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I don’t call this blog Epic male Gay Porn blog for nothing. I know that I haven’t shared a lot of big muscled guys over the past few days so I knew that you’d definitely love this one. Lenard Lenux is the hottest guy I’ve seen in the most ill-fitting clothes. When I saw this hot photo gallery, I just wanted to rip all those clothes off and just let him stay naked as it was such a waste to let that gorgeous body continue to be wrapped in such ugly clothes.

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It seems like there’s no point for Lenard here took care of that by himself and it was definitely amazing seeing muscle after gorgeous muscle being unwrapped. If I had a say on the matter, this guy would be walking naked the rest of his life for those bulging muscles are just drool worthy. I know you want to see them too so don’t worry, I’ve included his free hot stud stripteasing photos below. (more…)

Muscle Hunk Jhonn Martin Masturbation Pics

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Jhonn Martin was my first share here in Epic Male Gay Porn blog and I know that the one pic I featured then is not enough. This is why I dug through my collection, and finally found the rest of it. Yes, I’ll be featuring this muscle hunk and his free masturbation photos just for you.

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First, if there’s one thing that I love about Jhonn here, it’s the fact that he really knows how to take his time. He stretches out at first and really makes sure that he does a proper warm up before he gives us his sexy show. The moment he starts taking off his clothes, I’m already drooling and when he does a couple of sexy poses and makes sure that those rippling muscles pop out some more, I just wanted to lick him all over. Sadly, I couldn’t be there for if I was,  I would have helped him rub all of that oil all over this sexy muscle hunk.

As promised, you can find Jhonn’s sexy masturbation photos after the jump. (more…)