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Teen Stud Presents Dick

June 10th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Hardcore | Masturbation | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

Hot athletic teen stud gets really bored and he really needs to do something so his time can pass by faster.

He turns on his camera and starts taking his clothes off. The sexy dude strokes his cock until it becomes hard and starts jerking it off harder and faster.

This muscular hunk enjoys showing off his amazing body while his dick gets harder and firmer. Check out this amazing stud as he masturbates and see what else you can find on Man Solos.


Intense Straight Man Solo Action

May 12th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Cumshots | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

If you’ve ever fantasized about watching straight dudes masturbating, then this scene will definitely overwhelm your entire body and harden your cock.

A muscular, tattooed stud is taking his clothes off and uncovering his unbelievably hot body. Once completely naked, this gorgeous stud sits on the sofa and commences jerking off. He starts fantasizing about a hot chick he wants to bang and his dick gets extremely erect.

Enjoy watching this incredibly hot straight dude masturbating and unloading his warm jizz all over his muscular stomach.


Lenard Lenux Muscled Hunk Free Solo Pics

January 24th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Free Pics | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

I don’t call this blog Epic male Gay Porn blog for nothing. I know that I haven’t shared a lot of big muscled guys over the past few days so I knew that you’d definitely love this one. Lenard Lenux is the hottest guy I’ve seen in the most ill-fitting clothes. When I saw this hot photo gallery, I just wanted to rip all those clothes off and just let him stay naked as it was such a waste to let that gorgeous body continue to be wrapped in such ugly clothes.

lenard lenux muscled hunkhot beefcake stroking cock

It seems like there’s no point for Lenard here took care of that by himself and it was definitely amazing seeing muscle after gorgeous muscle being unwrapped. If I had a say on the matter, this guy would be walking naked the rest of his life for those bulging muscles are just drool worthy. I know you want to see them too so don’t worry, I’ve included his free hot stud stripteasing photos below. (more…)

Big Dick Hairy Latino Solo Pics

January 17th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Bears | Solo - (Comments Off)

All you latino lovers, today is a great day as I bring you a great new find featuring a hairy big cock latin guy. You see, this is his first try at taking sexy photos and it looks like he is comfortable right off the bat. This gorgeous hot latino here doesn’t even mind that he is only wearing his briefs at the start of this sexy shoot.

hot latino jerkoffbig dick latino

The moment this guy got on the bed, he eagerly starts rubbing his crotch and even starts stroking his big dick through his briefs. As if that’s not enough, he eagerly takes his briefs off and then lets his big hard cock stand tall and proud. Of course, he even stands on his bed to show off his hairy body before finally jerking off like mad. Check out the rest of his masturbation pics here or for more hot latino gays, head over to Hard Latin Gays.

Horny Twinks Outdoor Gay Threesome

January 4th, 2013 | Posted by epicmale in Group Sex | Teens - (Comments Off)

Whoever said that three’s a crowd has never seen what three gorgeous hunks can do together.

Yes, it’s been sometime since I’ve posted anything here but don’t worry for I bring you something that’s definitely worth the wait. How does three hot twinks sound like? Nicolas Corry, Jerry Harris and Garry Farr are camping buddies and every now and then, they take a hike and spend the night in some wilderness somewhere. But it’s not just the great outdoors that these three want – they also want some alone time together where they could enjoy fucking in the big wide open.

gay hunks threesomeoutdoor twink threesome

In fact, these three didn’t even wait for the cover of night to start anal fucking and got right down to the business of pleasure. If you are a big fan of wild outdoors sex or even wild gay threesomes, then you’d love this hot share. In the meantime, make sure to see more free gay porn here in Epic Male.

Muscle Hunk Jhonn Martin Masturbation Pics

December 4th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Free Pics | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

Jhonn Martin was my first share here in Epic Male Gay Porn blog and I know that the one pic I featured then is not enough. This is why I dug through my collection, and finally found the rest of it. Yes, I’ll be featuring this muscle hunk and his free masturbation photos just for you.

cock stroking hunksexy ass muscle gay

First, if there’s one thing that I love about Jhonn here, it’s the fact that he really knows how to take his time. He stretches out at first and really makes sure that he does a proper warm up before he gives us his sexy show. The moment he starts taking off his clothes, I’m already drooling and when he does a couple of sexy poses and makes sure that those rippling muscles pop out some more, I just wanted to lick him all over. Sadly, I couldn’t be there for if I was,  I would have helped him rub all of that oil all over this sexy muscle hunk.

As promised, you can find Jhonn’s sexy masturbation photos after the jump. (more…)

Free Solo Sex Pics of Cock Tugging Muscle Ebony

November 27th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Free Pics | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

After browsing through my ebony gay collection yesterday, I spotted this winner and I knew right away that I just had to share it. Just look at this gorgeous black daddy and tell me that I made the wrong decision.

cute ebony hunkcock tugging black muscle man

Doesn’t he just look yummy? This chocolate mouthful also packs a big cock, making me a true believer that big muscles pack big cocks. From the moment I spotted this ebony dude, I knew that he was going straight to my hard drive. How could I refuse that sweet, slow and sexy smile? In fact, he’s probably my favorite male model among my collection. Sadly, I didn’t get his name but that’s not as important as getting this stash of his solo pics.  (more…)

Kinky Gay Teen Playing with Handcuffs

November 24th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Solo | Teens - (Comments Off)

It’s high time for chocolate and I have just the man for you. I found this horny ebony in my collection and he’s definitely worthy to be featured in today’s Epic Male Blog share. Yes, he might be a bit young for my usual taste (and you know how much I love ‘em bears and dads) but I think that this guy really has potential. After all, who else but a kinky, creative guy would think of handcuffing his penis?

handcuffed teen blackkinky ebony teen

I’m only too happy that this guy is bored and horny or he wouldn’t have been able to think of this kinky feat. I bet that what he wanted was to explore a bit of bdsm and bondage sex but he’s still too afraid to try it out with a partner. So here he is, horny and by himself with a pair of handcuffs to play with. Check out the his hot gay masturbation pics here.

Big Dick Muscle Hunk Cutie Solo Pics

October 13th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Hardcore | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

big dick muscle guycute muscle hunk

Skinheads are real sexy, don’t you think so? This is why when I found this cute skinhead dude, I knew right away that it would be a mistake not to share it with you guys. In nothing but his white tank and boxers, this cutie looked real good and like he just came out of bed. If I was there with him, I would have pushed him right back to bed so that I could have my way with this hot stud.

Well, it’s probably enough that I get to download his sexy striptease photos. My favorite is the one with his hard dick being outlined and visible in his translucent boxers. I could just drool from the sight of this hunk and I bet that he liked it too. He seems like a good tease and showing off his big bulging muscles gets him off. No wonder he’s willing to masturbate in front of the camera.

Did you like today’s Epic Male Gay Porn blog share? Well, if you haven’t made up your mind yet then just make sure to see the rest of his solo pics here.

Masturbating Straight Guy Solo Pics

October 8th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Solo | Teens - (Comments Off)

masturbating straight dudemilk covered cute guy

I just love our hot straight solo pics. There’s something really good with watching these straight hunks go at it when they think they’re alone, or even better, when they know someone’s watching. They put on a great show just like this hot young man here.

I think that this cutie just got out of the shower. His skin is still a bit damp and with that sexy glow. What I don’t understand though is why he’s carrying a bottle of milk, but the moment he started showering his hot body with it, I quickly got the idea. The moment I saw him dripping with milk, all I could think of is licking every drop of that cream off his sexy body, particularly where it pooled on his dick and balls.

It seems like somebody beat me to it though for the next thing I know, he’s all cleaned up with a raging erection. I so wish I was there to lick it off but in the meantime, it’s enough to see this hottie with a huge boner and the fact that he’s willing to stroke himself until he cums, is an added bonus. If you want, you can check out his pictures here!