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Luke Cross Serves up a Sperm Chowder

September 16th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Cumshots | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

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Would you look at that? That photo just makes me want to go in and do this sexy stud myself. After all, I don’t mind sloppy seconds.

This gay creampie serving is all thanks to hot cutie Luke Cross. Who would have thought that between Luke Cross and Park Wiley, it would be Park playing bottom? Oh well, guess we really don’t know who’s the dominant one until they end up in bed and this time, Luke shows that he is definitely alpha male material. Not only did he drill Park’s ass bareback, he even told this sexy skinhead to ride his dick like a good slut. When it was time to finally cum, he made a show of pumping deep into Park’s ass and then backing out a little to spray his jizz just at the entrance of Park’s puckered hole, letting a fresh glob of cream drip from Park’s ass.

Just looking at Park’s freshly jizzed up ass makes me want to go at him myself and I bet Luke Cross couldn’t resist the sight as well. I bet round 2 followed soon after and if you want to see the next round, better check back again for I might just have it.