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When a couple of hot skater dudes decides to have some fun, they start taking their clothes off, and playing with their erect dicks.

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Marc Frederikson and George Basten go out on a picnic and these two hot hunks get extremely excited while sitting on the blanker in the middle of nowhere.

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Whoever said that three’s a crowd has never seen what three gorgeous hunks can do together.

Yes, it’s been sometime since I’ve posted anything here but don’t worry for I bring you something that’s definitely worth the wait. How does three hot twinks sound like? Nicolas Corry, Jerry Harris and Garry Farr are camping buddies and every now and then, they take a hike and spend the night in some wilderness somewhere. But it’s not just the great outdoors that these three want – they also want some alone time together where they could enjoy fucking in the big wide open.

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It’s easy enough to see that these two gay teens are still not that comfortable with each other. They’ve been chatting and exchanging steamy messages online but this is their first time seeing each other. No wonder that they are still a bit awkward with each other and it seems like the only way to break that awkwardness is with a kiss – and amazingly it worked.

I know that I haven’t featured a couple of twinks in a while so I am making it up to you with this one. I know that you’ve had your fill of hot bears, dads and muscle men as I’ve been serving a lot of those lately so I thought that this time, it might be a great idea to have a sweet, young love to feature, so here is one.

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