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Straight Muscle Man Solo Masturbation

September 23rd, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Solo - (Comments Off)

latino hunk solo

Ok, so the last share got me going through the rest of my collection and you know, just checking through the inventory. When I got to my straight latino folder, this instantly got my attention. I mean, how do you expect me to resist those gorgeous dreamy eyes and him laying there in bed with the blanket wrapped around him so sexily? Well, I’m not made of stone (though I think this hot latino is) so you’ll just have to content yourself with today’s Epic Male share.

It seems like this hot straight dude just woke up and with cameras trained on him, it was easy enough for him to realize what is expected of him. Of course, it helps that this hot guy also has his morning wood which makes everything so much easier as he is already in half mast. With everything going on, it’s easy enough to understand how this guy here could easily start stroking his dick and get into some serious cock stroking action.

I always love downloading solo masturbation pics of hot straight dudes and in fact, my collection probably has a lot of it, but doesn’t it just feel like something’s lacking? I mean, I would love to move right on to some hardcore, steamy sex though a slow, sweet scene like this is nice. Let me know if you want more straight solo masturbation pics and I’ll get you some more. Oh, you can find the rest of the photos here!

Hot Latino Strokes His Gay Cock

September 22nd, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Solo - (Comments Off)

cute latino matiasbig dick latin hunk

The moment I found this great new share featuring Matias, a hot latino cutie, I knew right away that I need to include his hot gay masturbation pics in my collection. Just look at that sexy, sweet smile?

Of course, his smile is not the thing I am most interested in. I wanted to see that cock and this hottie here took his sweet time (which is fine by me though I complain). He starts by making a great show of stripping his black hoodie and then doing away with the shirt and the jeans until he’s left with only his sexy white boxers. He doesn’t take it off right away though and this straight hunk even made sure that he drops those white boxers down real slow. It was a painful wait but was it worth? Hell, yes!

Matias here has a gorgeous cut dick that he eagerly palms up and pumps for his pleasure. If I were there, I definitely would have given him a hand, if you know what I mean. The verdict: More, more and more of Matias definitely. I don’t think once with this hot latino is enough but I hope that the next time I catch him though, he’s going at it with another hottie.

Hot Stud Felix Stulbach Masturbating

September 17th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Solo - (Comments Off)

hot hunk in tubhot hunk felix stulbach

Personally, I am more into hot blond, blue-eyed gods with hot bods and sexy smiles (a dimple would be a big plus!) But every now and then, it helps to diversify and see what else is there and check out if I’ll like them too. It seems like this time it was a good decision for I definitely liked what I found with hot stud Felix Stulbach.

That nose and that curly hair paired with that sexy smile makes me just a goner for this hot stud. Plus, it helps that he has a gorgeous body with a well-developed chest and shoulders. What really got me hooked though are those meaty buns that I’d jsut love to squeeze and play with. The fact that he’s tanned and his butt cheeks are not makes them stand out even more. I wonder if a lot of men has already sunk their teeth into those buns for that definitely would be the first thing in my to-do list.

Enjoy Felix Stulbach’s masturbating photos and I might just feature some more hunks wanking off just for you.

Jhonn Martin After Workout Masturbation

September 16th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

jhonn martin masturbation

My day is not complete if I don’t see a hot hunk tugging on his dick. After all, the web is full of great photos and videos of horny dudes masturbating so why should I lose the chance to see one when it is so easy to find these frisky guys? This is why I’ve set up Epic Male Gay Porn blog – to let you know of what I think about these guys and if I want to see more.

For my first serving, I’m giving you hot stud Jhonn Martin. This guy definitely makes me want to go back to the gym and pump iron just so I could get a chance to see more of those gorgeous, rock-hard muscles. You can see that Jhonn here is definitely a guy who knows his body well as he tries to showcase inch by gorgeous inch of that sexy body. Of course, the best part is his dick and he doesn’t fail to showcase that as well.

Check Jhonn out as he tugs on his dick in this male masturbation photo gallery and make sure to let me know if you want to see more of this sexy muscle man.