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Solo Pics of Masturbating Bear Daddy

September 29th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Bears | Dilfs | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

hot bear dilfmasturbating hot bear

Oh, my! The way I see it this hot bear dilf could definitely give Tom Colt a run for his money. After all, they’re both perfect with their hairy chest and legs, and that stern serious look right? I honestly don’t know who’s my favorite bear daddy at the moment but take my word for it, this guy is definitely one hell of a looker.

In his white tank top and faded denim jeans, this dude looks completely masculine. He offers a sexy smile and it just completely melts my heart. Or maybe, it was the sight of her pierced nipples that got me or the sexy stare down. I honestly don’t care for all I know is that this muscle hunk could do whatever with me and he wouldn’t hear a peep (ok, maybe I’ll be moaning).

Oh well, I know I should stop fantasizing but it’s so difficult when you have a hot muscle man like this who is just sex personified. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name and all my research would be pointless if I don’t know it. How am I supposed to find this hot hunk again? If you do know him, please hit me up so I can add more of his work in my collection, ok? In the meantime, here are the masturbating pics of this sexy muscle man.

Black Muscle Man Shows Monster Meat

September 27th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Muscle Men | Solo - (Comments Off)

big black dickepic male ebony gay

Well, I don’t call them epic for nothing.

You’re going to get your chocolate treat today as I have an ebony muscle man just for you. His sexy black skin is just gorgeous, with the way it shines and all. I wonder how it would feel to run my hands across that dark expanse of skin (and I bet I wouldn’t be able to stop with just running my hands). In nothing but his white tank top, this stud first looked like chocolate with a vanilla topping (ok, that’s the last of the food metaphors, promise).

I just love the way his muscles bunched up and the veins running through his arms. You will know right away that this ebony muscle hunk really pumps iron for how else would he have all those gorgeous bulges right? Well, speaking of bulges, he definitely has one impressive cock and with it pointing straight up, it’s definitely difficult to miss that big black monster cock. If you want more of this hot epic male black straight guy, just click here. In the meantime, here are some more of our hot ebony studs.

Erick Leony, Danny Verick Ass Rimming Hunks

September 25th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Hardcore | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

ass rimming hunks

Just look at those gorgeous blue eyes, they just pierce right through and I for one have always been weak when it comes to sexy, tanned, blue-eyed gods like Erick Leony.

It is such a pleasure to watch Erick and when he’s joined by hot latino stud Danny Verrick, the pleasure is doubled. These two look real hot together that I just want to thank the person who thought of this match. I also like the fact that they took these shots at the crack of dawn so we get real good shots of Erick and Danny with the sun rising behind them (getting romantic?). Well, with the solo shots over, this hot scene then goes straight to the matter of fucking and these two definitely are great in that area. I am just real happy that they didn’t decide to take the hot action indoors and continued where they were.

I will definitely find more hot sex pics of Erick here, my current sex god. If you want more of him too, just make sure to head back here in Epic Male regular. Oh, and here is your free share of the day.

Hot Boys Experimenting Caught in HD

September 24th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Hardcore | Teens - (Comments Off)

gay teen cuties blowjob

Oh, just look at those eyes? Eyes always get me and well, these teen here just has the sexiest brown eyes I’ve seen in a while.

I know that I don’t feature teens often enough to your liking but here’s one today that I know you’ll definitely love. Two gorgeous boys who are classmates in school head over to one of their houses to do a bit of homework. Well, it seems that homework changed for the way I remember it, it definitely did not include a lot of kissing and making out.

It was real great to watch them go at each other, alternately sucking each other’s dicks before they figure out who gets to be bottom. Well, it seems like this hot teen made it easy enough for them when he himself turned around and bent over to present his ass. After slipping a condom on, this teen is now ready to have his first taste of ass and what a great ass it is.

I really love these hot twinks and though they might be a bit young to be considered in the category of Epic Male but I know for a fact that they’ll be there soon. You can find the rest of the photos here!

Straight Muscle Man Solo Masturbation

September 23rd, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Solo - (Comments Off)

latino hunk solo

Ok, so the last share got me going through the rest of my collection and you know, just checking through the inventory. When I got to my straight latino folder, this instantly got my attention. I mean, how do you expect me to resist those gorgeous dreamy eyes and him laying there in bed with the blanket wrapped around him so sexily? Well, I’m not made of stone (though I think this hot latino is) so you’ll just have to content yourself with today’s Epic Male share.

It seems like this hot straight dude just woke up and with cameras trained on him, it was easy enough for him to realize what is expected of him. Of course, it helps that this hot guy also has his morning wood which makes everything so much easier as he is already in half mast. With everything going on, it’s easy enough to understand how this guy here could easily start stroking his dick and get into some serious cock stroking action.

I always love downloading solo masturbation pics of hot straight dudes and in fact, my collection probably has a lot of it, but doesn’t it just feel like something’s lacking? I mean, I would love to move right on to some hardcore, steamy sex though a slow, sweet scene like this is nice. Let me know if you want more straight solo masturbation pics and I’ll get you some more. Oh, you can find the rest of the photos here!

Hot Latino Strokes His Gay Cock

September 22nd, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Solo - (Comments Off)

cute latino matiasbig dick latin hunk

The moment I found this great new share featuring Matias, a hot latino cutie, I knew right away that I need to include his hot gay masturbation pics in my collection. Just look at that sexy, sweet smile?

Of course, his smile is not the thing I am most interested in. I wanted to see that cock and this hottie here took his sweet time (which is fine by me though I complain). He starts by making a great show of stripping his black hoodie and then doing away with the shirt and the jeans until he’s left with only his sexy white boxers. He doesn’t take it off right away though and this straight hunk even made sure that he drops those white boxers down real slow. It was a painful wait but was it worth? Hell, yes!

Matias here has a gorgeous cut dick that he eagerly palms up and pumps for his pleasure. If I were there, I definitely would have given him a hand, if you know what I mean. The verdict: More, more and more of Matias definitely. I don’t think once with this hot latino is enough but I hope that the next time I catch him though, he’s going at it with another hottie.

Dilf Tom Colt Gets Fresh Creampie

September 21st, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Cumshots | Dilfs | Hardcore - (Comments Off)

tatted bear anal drilledhot gay creampie

If you ask me whether I’m more into twinks or dads, I probably wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer. I just love how teens are so energetic and enthusiastic with raging erections while I love how dads are so confident because they know just how to give it to you. I realized that I already featured a couple of twinks here and a few old-young anal sex but never two hot dads together. This is why I dug into my collection for today’s Epic Male Gay Porn blog and found this: hot dilfs Tom Colt and Steven Richards in a hot gay creampie sex scene.

Tom Colt is easily my favorite between the two though Steven Richards is no less than this hot muscle hunk. It just happens that I love them covered in tattoos and Tom Colt definitely has a number of sexy tats. After a couple of sexy poses with Steven and Tom here sucking each other off and it seems like these two have already forgotten everything around them and just went right in to fucking each other. These two were so hot for each other, it wasn’t long before Tom Colt here was spreading his legs to let fresh cum drip off his ass.

This was definitely one great ass fuck. I just hope I could have seen a couple more ass rimming in there. But maybe I could hope for Steven licking all that cream up in the next scene. It would be such a waste of fresh, creamy jizz not to, right?

Hard Hunks in Hot Interracial

September 20th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Ebony | Hardcore | Interracial | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

ass rimming interracial gays

You probably noticed that I’m in an interracial sex phase as I’ve been featuring a lot of interracial gay sex pics and videos the couple of days as well as other hot biracial studs. I promise I’ll give you a few more straight and muscle hunks in the future but I know for sure that you will love today’s Epic Male Gay Porn blog share.

Musle ebony stud Hunter Corbin is the dominant one in this scene and it’s no big surprise. With those gorgeous bulging muscles, it’s a given that this hottie would be on top and knew right away that he’d be sliding that big black dick in a tight ass real soon. When I found out that it would be David Maya’s ass, I knew that this free gay porn was going to be worth the space in my hard drive.

Although I was so sure that Hunter here would be playing top, it still was a great thing to watch him bury his tongue deep into David’s ass. After all, it’s only courteous to wet that hole first before he uses it, right? I think I have another file featuring Hunter somewhere so check back again for when I find it, I’m definitely posting it.

Hot Hunks Outdoor Anal Fucking

September 19th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Hardcore | Interracial | Teens - (Comments Off)

hot gay hunks fucking outdoors

I just love how fearless these guys are. I mean, isn’t it amazing how they could go all out and fuck in nude daylight? Not that I’m complaining or whatever, it’s just real hot to find two horny guys going at it. Now I wish they lived in my neighborhood.

I did promise to give you more variety last time in my Epic Male blog servings so here I am fulfilling that promise. Matheus Axell is a gorgeous biracial hunk with a bit of asian heritage and the moment I found this gay content featuring him, I knew it would be a big hit. He just looks one mean hunk with that goatee and tattoos on him but when he smiles, he is just simply gorgeous – it’s no wonder that barely legal twink Erick Leony was so attracted to this hunk.

It seems like the attraction is mutual for the moment these two were alone, they went straight into fucking – even though they were in the park. With Matheus guiding Erick’s ass into his cock, it was one smooth fuck that I’m sure wouldn’t end with just one session. I hope I could find more hot shares featuring Matheus here for I will definitely bring you more of this hot asian hunk. I’m still not sure about Erick but if you like him, then I might just find more hot gay porn featuring this hottie.

Park Wiley Gets Cozy with Chris Perez

September 18th, 2012 | Posted by epicmale in Cumshots | Hardcore | Muscle Men - (Comments Off)

park wiley gay blowjob

Ok, you caught me. I have a thing for Park Wiley that I’m always on the active lookout for more hot pics and videos of this sexy bottom. How can I not love this guy when he is absolutely perfect? Great smile, hot body and gorgeous face, what else could you actually ask for in a guy, right?

I know that I started Epic Male Gay blog with the idea of bringing you a wide variety of hunks from all over the web and that I am sort of cheating with another Park Wiley post so soon. But this is just a really good share that it would be a waste not to share it with everyone right away, not when Park Wiley is paired with bearded hunk Chris Perez.

It is clear from the get go that these two have amazing chemistry together and the sight of Chris’ big shaft plunging in and out of Park’s lips was definitely an erotic sight. Although it was one great scene with Chris cumming all over Park’s ass and back, it still felt a bit… off. Probably because I have been spoiled with watching Park Wiley with another of my favorites, Luke Cross in this hot gay creampie scene featured earlier.

Oh well, this is still one great male to male loving set of photos that would be a great addition to your stash of gorgeous muscle men. Check back again for my next updates, ok?